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Journal for 2-August-2004 : Lac Cameron

Got up nice and late, the sat around chatting and playing with the resident chip monk. Eventually we summoned the courage to cycle to charming little village of Vendeé. Actually, it was hunger. We'd eaten all the food here.

Vendeé really is a little village in the truest sense, with the small post office, general store (two actually), a few houses but lots of people bustling around, who all know everyone else on a first name basis. In fact, as most of the people here are related and share the same last name, so they *have* to be on a first name basis!

Went swimming in the lake (water only 27C) and sat around chatting, eating an generally feeling like we'd found paradise, probably because we have.

We were also forced to consume what was described as “the local Vegemite”. However I found Spruce Beer really quite nice, as it was full of bubbles and sugar. It's “mystery ingredient” was Spruce Oil, a euphemism for turpentine. Drinking it was a strange combination of a the scents of a walk in the forest, and drinking a pop/soda/L&P/soft drink.

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