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Budget accommodation in USA



LA Main

787 W 5th St LA CA 90071

GitiGold: 210 677 3789

Citibank USA 1800 374 9700

800 756 7047

From Oz 1800 122652



Distributors/Retailers of White Lightning in Bangkok

662 0 2253 3384

237/2 Rajdumri Rd,

Lumpinee, Patemwan, Bangkok 10330

Superfast Ferries Bari->Igiumentisa


Prepaid Internet dialup in the USA and Canada

Cheap prepaid dialup Internet in the USA

Site that generates suggest routes from point to point in LA. Fan-bloody-tastic, if the information is good J



Oz Gvt: Health Insurance Commission

Reciprocal Arangements

Visa Information for Singapore

Various info about routes out of LA and within LA. A few other things as well.




Thai Consulate Australia

61-2-9241 2542


Malay Consulate

61-2-9327 7565

Travel Doctor Affiliated series of medical practices specialising in Travel Medicin.

Propaganda from Oz Gvt

Dean Woods Direct Mail order bike parts from Australia. Cheap, good service

1800 353 123