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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I ride around Australia?
Check out this rough guide.

How do I fly with my bike?
Check out this rough guide. Thanks to JF Mezei for this one!

How do I cycle with Roadtrains?
Check out this rough guide.

What's the best way to cycle from Melbourne to Sydney in about 2 weeks?
Check out this rough guide.

How far do ride each day?
A rough average is around 100km per day. This depends on the wind, hills and (mostly) our motivation. If the weather is bad, or there are lots of enticing distractions we'll struggle to do 50km a day. Riding across a desert 200km in a day is a pretty solid effort for us.

How many punctures ?
Shhhh ... It's bad luck to talk about it.

Where to you stay?
Caravan Parks, Cheap Motels, Hotels, Backpackers or just somewhere out in the bush.

How do you carry everything? Backpacks?
Backpacks can be quite comfortable provided you stay completely upright, don't load anything into them and elect not to breathe. We have panniers, which are backpacks for the bikes, so they can suffer the discomfort. (Checkout our Photos to see what I mean).

Do you carry your own spares?
Yep. We carry spare inner tubes, tyres, spokes, nuts, bolts, chain lube and other various wigits. We also carry a spanner and a few specific bike tools.

Don't you worry about the traffic?
We each have the latest RAAVM System (permit #015620092C) fitted to our bikes. RAAVS stands for Radar Activated Anti-Vehicle Missile System. Unlike the early versions which used optical hat recognition, this system features the latest brainwave interception technology capable of identify approaching drivers with hostile or indifferent intent and neutralise their vehicles over a range of 5 to 150m. Naturally it is legal for use in Queensland, Northern Territory, Western Australia, Tasmania, parts of South Australia and all states of the USA (except Sth Dakota) but a special permit is required for NSW and Victoria. We hope to test the laser version in countries like New Zealand where the missiles are either banned or no longer tax effective. So, we don't worry about the traffic anymore.

How do you deal with the Road Trains?
Believe it or not, roads trains aren't nearly as scary from a bike saddle as they are from a car seat. Generally we're given a wide berth and as we have the option of getting off the road if things look hairy.

What do you do when it rains?
Linda and I both have a special aura that means even the most violent rainstorms bend around us so that we never feel so much as a drop of rain. Unfortunately our auras can be interrupted by fluctuations in our diet, volatility on the stock market and climatic conditions. On occasions we can use our auras to induce precipitation, which we did to great effect as we cycled the south coast of NSW where we managed to successfully break a year long drought.