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Journal for 24-Apr-2004 : Oakhurst

It took a long time to ride out of Fresno. It's not exactly a big city population wise (only half the population of Western Australia), but it stretches on forever. It was 25ks of cycling before we were out of the suburbs.

The housing estates on the outskirts top the south looked rather nice, but surrounded by high fences with one secured entrance.

After 20ks of block after block of shopping malls and fast food outlets, and one thousand seven hundred and fort six sets of traffic lights the wide boulevard reached the northern suburbs: the nicer end of town. Thanks to a roadworks induced detour, we looped through a maze of immaculate middle class houses all with picture perfectly manicured lawns. It looked like the set from the Trueman show.

Found bike track/bike lanes and a lot of other cyclists on the road to Friant. There we left the bike lanes, some of the procession of power boats heading to the lakes for the weekend, and the flat plains behind.

Tough climbing up a rough as guts back road to O'Neals. O'Neals was a tiny little town (even by American standards) on a short stretch of bypassed back road. Kids were cycling playing in the street. We met Zack, his Mom and dog AJ (who never warmed to us). Zack was pretty interested in our bikes, and astonished at the fact we'd cycled from LA, let alone Fresno. We were also treated to some ripe bananas and some ice cold water. Thanks Guys!

Long uphill drag to the servo (sorry, Gairss Station) at the turnoff where we crashed out for a little while. Nearly missed our turnoff. Met a real bikie who had lost his mate, and made the mistake of asking us for directions.

Climbed over the Teaford Saddle (~1300m), and gave the Goat Mountain Lookout Rd (not the most inviting name) a miss. Lots of native pine forests and meadows by the road. Still good views down the valley, which we suddenly plummeted into.

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