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Journal for 14-August-2004 : Albany

Surprisingly a nice sunny day this morning. Forecast for tomorrow awful (hurricane Charlie is due).

Lots of hills as we cycled an otherwise magnificent road adjacent Lake Champlin to Whitehall. The it was speeding along the busy highway 4 next to the old Champlin Canal which connects the St Lawrence river with the Hudson.

Lots of fun cycling along the Hudson river. This is almost the New England region of America, reputedly beautiful and leafy. It still has the noise, poverty, megamalls, good roads and chain restaurants so this is still America. But it's like America with trees!

We are riding with a bit more speed than previously, I now have more confidence I can go flat out without dropping Linda. And there was lots of nice road by the Hudson River to fly along.

Made it to Troy, a rather run down part of Albany on the wrong side of the river. The architecture here is very different to the big ugly boxes that typify modern America. The buildings here are typical old New York. Think not so much Gangs of new York, but more Sesame Street. Even though these ornately decorated buildings are quite beautiful, I guess it must be said they are still rather box like. And run down too. These buildings appear unpopular affluent America (who like the new carbon copy box condos across the river), probably because they predate the concept of off street parking.

Massive cruel hill out of Troy, then a mere 25ks of cycling before we found a room for the night, and waited for NBC to start replaying the Olympics.

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