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Journal for 16-August-2004 : Peekskill

Lots of rain overnight. Lots of traffic today too. It seems like half the day was spent staring at the 3 inches of roadway between the crash barriers and the trucks.

Got completely lost in Poughkeepsie, after following the bike route signs after being kicked off the freeway.

Incredibly busy approaching the Fort Montgomery bridge, and we found out why. The other access road was closed off. We chatted to one of the workmen, and it was only to protect the workers while the cleaned up the mud and tress washed onto this cliffside road with all the recent heavy rain.

So we rode along the closed road dodging the front end loaders, street sweepers and extremely irate foreman. It was brilliant! The road snaked it's way against a cliff overlooking the Hudson River and it's valley.

With all the traffic, accommodation hassles, getting lost etc, we aren't having as much fun as we probably should.

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