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Journal for 20-August-2004 : Montreal

In an effort to get us to sleep better on our flight JF took us cycling today. A beautiful ride out along the western St Lawrence River. My chain kept slipping and could only ride with half rat power which frustrated everyone, especially me.

Judging by my testines (and lack of humour in this journal) I am now chronically sleep deprived.

Cycled out to the airport. It was absolute bedlam! Massive queues for everything. No chance of claiming back our GST. Air Canada check-in only took 1.5hrs to reach the counter, 20 minutes to check us in (mostly trying to find paper for the label printer).

The only reason we made the boarding call for th flight is it takes Air Canada 30 minutes to get everyone on their planes. Hard to see why, but collecting boarding passes takes them almost as long to issue them.

And once on the aircraft we sat on the tarmac for nearly an hour. “We're having a few problems with the plane” the reassuring announcement broadcast.

I've got no idea what we did today. Not a lot I expect. We certainly didn't get the bus up to Quebec City as planned.

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