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Journal for 11-May-2004 : Burney

We seem to need a rest day after every camp out. Specifically we needed to dry everything out, which we nearly forgot to do.

Hassled by the motel people today. Like everywhere in America, we've had to pay in advance. So we negotiate a rate, pay up, and the room is ours. This room came with a kitchenette, so we were thrilled to be able to make coffee and toast for breakfast.

After several attempts (the first we were asleep, the second we had no clothes on), the proprietors barged into our room during our breakfast to change replace the fridge. After tossing the furniture all over our possessions, forcing us to remove bikes and clothes and tents to gain access to the far corner of the room. The guy who did this noticed our breakfast and was instantly on his mobile “hey papa, they're using the kitchen”. Sure enough, five minutes later Papa was down to our room telling us the room rate would now be an extra $10 (plus tax).

He got a very short answer, which was not exactly accepted, but reluctantly we were allowed to stay in our room. Not too long after he was back again. “OK, I spoke to my boss, $5 cash and no tax”. Do all Americans think “No” is just a bargaining position?

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