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Journal for 16-May-2004 : Crescent

Left early but it was not exactly quiet on this Sunday morning. Within ten minutes we'd seen the first triple trailer road train. Bits along Upper Klamath Lake were shocking. Lots of traffic and a tiny narrow shoulder just wide enough to build a cement crash barrier on. Our inability to be able to dematerialise through a cement wall was not appreciated.

Stopped at a truck stop to relieve ourselves of all the complementary coffee and hot chocolate from the motel. If the selections available from the condom dispensing machine are anything to go by, the truckies here must lead very interesting lives.

The road widened up a bit after that, and we made good time to the National Forest picnic area for our first break, just short of today's only substantial climb. Lots of little fury things we think are chip monks scampering all over the place.

Long straight road with lots of trucks and not much to see (except the occasional volcano). Most of it with good wide shoulder, but quite a bit with shoulder <1m which made the frequent truck passes rather interesting.

Finally reached Chemult, which was such a disappointment we elected to ride on to the next town. I was quite tired, and started to feel that might not have been such a wise decision as the road narrowed, the light deteriorated, the traffic increased and it started to spit with rain.

Reached the bright lights of Crescent OK. Spent an hour chatting to the kids near the motel, who seemed fascinated with Australia and our cycling.

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