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Journal for 29-May-2004 : Victoria, Canada

Victoria covered with clouds and occasional misty rain. Victoria claims to be a very British town. I'm not quite sure what that's supposed to mean, other than perhaps it rains a lot. The town does seem to have a substantial number of Union Jacks flying, and the local transit authorities run double decker buses, but that seems to be about the extent of it. Perhaps British means “not American”?

What a shocker of a day. Started badly when I discovered our toy could no longer start Windows. I didn't crash that badly on the Hood River Canal bridge did I? Also discovered a huge hole at the back of my pants. Possibly very convenient for camping in the snow or that occasional scratch, but not entirely appropriate dinner wear.

Anyway, took the system to a reluctant computer repair guy (not much open on a Saturday). We got a full backup of our disk – corruptions and all, after arguing then toss about how it should be done. I think we lucked out because I relented and let the techies try it their way – which only worked because the disk was not physically damaged.

With a backup safely in place, we took the toy back to the room and tried to get Windows running. Failed miserably.

Went back to the computer guys and bought a new hard disk with a complete image of all our data so we'd have a reliable backup, the hunted around for a Toshiba dealer to re-image our system.

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