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Journal for 7-June-2004 : Kamloops

Haven't had a chance to write this day up yet. Check back tomorrow.

OK, it still hasn't been written up. Or has it?

Nice fast riding this morning as the rolly polly highway descend to the Thompson River and we enjoyed a nice solid tailwind. We're both feeling pretty tired, and grateful for the assistance.

This is desert country. Quite green and lots of trees for a desert, but desert none the less. They get about 200ml of rain a year here, which is more than they get on the wheat farms at Ceduna. Most of it falls in June, though not muchdropped from the sky today. The main plant looks like Aussie salt bush, but is called Sage-Brush. In Canada the deserts are filed with a wild condiment.

Stopped for a while in the park by the lake at Savona, then climbed six mile hill for great views of Lake Kamloops and the Thompson River. Last session of riding was over more undulating country, till we reached the outskirts of Kamloops where we were kicked off the freeway in the hills high above the town.

Descent into Kamloops on suburban roads. Cars behind eventually worked out why we were braking. To keep (almost) below the speed limit.

Cheap motel in town run by Korean couple. Lots of extra fee signs all over the place: $X for leaving the towels dirty, $Y for visitors after 10pm, $Z for making too many “free” phone calls etc.

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