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Journal for 12-June-2004 : Golden

Delayed start as we waited for the rain to clear. It didn't.

Brilliant riding today, and the worst of it was definitely not the 20km downhill to start with. A few hairy moments through the snow shed tunnels, the first one especially which had no lighting and was rather longer than I thought.

We'd covered the first 10km in about 15 minutes when we stopped for the first lookout. Sign lead us down to an abandoned picnic area. A bit further along there were brilliant views of the Beaver River. And incredibly everything dried off, and the rain was gone just a few Ks over the pass.

Lots of fun riding even after we did a 7k uphill as punishment for enjoying the down so much. Lots of forest and snow capped mountains. Are you getting sick of me writing this? It's awfully hard not to make this sound repetitive. It certainly doesn't *look* repetitive! Having said that, I'm getting to the point where I see an amazing vista, I don't feel the need for a double take, because I know something just as incredible is just around the corner.

Lunch at a cold mozzie riddled rest area. We didn't stay long. We lost another hour today, not just because of our late start but because we crossed into the “Mountain Time” timezone.

Crossed the Columbia River again (for the last time) with some really thin but heavy thumping rain, if that makes any sense to you. The drops were really heavy, to the point when flying downhill into them, they seriously sting.

More wonderful cycling along the 1, with the Columbia River to the right and the mountains we'd just crossed forming the perfect backdrop. Still fun, despite the intermittent showers and flashes of lightning ahead of us.

It took me ages to get out of the supermarket at Golden, almost as long as it took us to find it. Tourist info here closed, which is unfortunate as we have no info on Alberta, just a day or two's ride away.

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