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Journal for 19-Apr-2004 : Wofford Heights

Slept in today, then rolled down to Isabella Lake township. The lake itself is formed by a dam, and the water level is about 10m below it's maximum level. There is also a fishing tournament on, and every square inch of the lake's bare foreshores are lines with enormous Rvs.

Cycled up to the “forestry department's visitor's center”. Found out the “Route of 100 Giants” past the 2000 year old Sequoia Trees still closed for the winter. Means we have to take a 6100 foot pass tomorrow.

Cycled around the lake to Wofford Heights, which despite the illustrious sounding name is something of a dive. The road was narrow by American standards, busy by Australian standards, and dangerous for cycling by any standard.

Had trouble finding a burger joint for dinner (hidden inside the mini-mart), Noticed a placed called the “Bare Wood Motel”, which has so many possible meanings.

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