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Journal for 12-July-2004 : Schreiber

Left relatively early for us, but visibility was less than 100m as a massive fog had rolled in from Lake Superior.

We cycled over a few hills today with some great lookouts over the great lake, or so the tourist blurb informs us. Today we could see nothing but fog. As you might imagine we rode *very* very carefully today. A narrow an moderately busy highway is hard enough at the best of times, but when we are almost as impossible to see as the oncoming traffic, things can be decidedly dodgy. In spite of the awful conditions, there were no close calls, and we observed only a few acts of suicidal insanity which came to nothing, for today at least.

Fog didn't lift till we stopped for truckstop pancakes by the lake at Gravel Road River. It was nice and sunny till we got back on the road, then within 2km the fog was back.

Lots more hills. At times we climbed clear of the fog for a while, revealing a bright sunny day and some surprising heat. The highway has been rebuilt through these hills, and for the most part is now smooth, level and wide. Lots of nice forest and lake scenery too.

We nearly shot past Rossport as the road descended back to the lake, but I spotted a picnic table in a sheltered little decorated by misty islands where we detoured for lunch.

Back on the road we met cycling Poms Jim and Annie. Jim drew my attention immediately by his Australia souvenir hat (which no self respecting Aussie would be seen dead in).

A bit further up the road we pulled into Rainbow Falls camp ground, which has a nice little walk adjacent the low waterfalls cascading into lake Superior. Quite nice. The ravenous mosquitoes were not.

One more hill over to Schreiber, where the descent became suddenly interesting. Understandably Canadian roads are inclined to develop ice cracks under the pressure of an 11 month long winter. The relatively few that exist in this new road have been filled. Filled with a type of rubber, that when cycled over seems to grab the wheels and throw the bike around seemingly randomly. It was like riding on a trampoline.

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