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Journal for 20-July-2004 : Chapleau

Fantastic days riding today! Regular readers of the pages will know how much I detest headwinds, and today had a light one. But everything else was just so nice it more than compensated! Perhaps we just felt refreshed and recovered from our days off in Wawa, but the riding today was like a dream, and the Ks just melted away under our wheels. It felt like we had power to burn, and we kept the bikes thumping along over hill, down dale in whatever direction the road took us.

The 101 is a relatively quiet back route that undulates it's way across the expanses of Northern Ontario. Traffic was lighter than the Trans Canada, so light in fact we had plenty of opportunities to just ride along, chatting or taking the forests, lakes, forests, lakes, rivers, lakes etc that lines this magnificent route, without having to be constantly wondering how to avoid being runover by the truck looming up behind us. This is not so surprising really given this road connects not much with even less.

First break by the entrance track to the Potholes (if ever there was a name to discourage cyclists from riding in for a look, this is it) Provincial Park. Found part of the jaw bone of a moose, or bear or something. It certainly had a lot of molars.

More brilliant cycling had us eating lunch at the Shoals Provincial Park, or the picnic table outside the entrance station. I caught a glimpse of a bear shaped shadow from the corner of my eye and jumped alarmingly. It was a cardboard cutout advising park users to be “bear aware”.

Have I mentioned how much I enjoyed today's cycling already?

Found our way into Chapleau, which required us to negotiate a complicated railway overpass with two twists in the prone position, degree of difficulty 2.7. The Chapleau business directory indicated there are two types of small business operating here. These are contract logging, and contract log trucking. It would also appear a requirement the operator of such an enterprise be named Pierre. We enjoyed a Greek meal at a Greek (and Italian, and Canadian, but mostly Greek) Restaurant. You will be astonished to learn the proprietors had four cousins, seventeen second cousins and one hundred and forty eight other relatives living in Melbourne.

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