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Journal for 6-September-2004 : Montmelian

Ate a spectacular hotel breakfast (the French really do this well), then cycled out to the supermarket to buy some more food. Several attempts were required to buy everything we needed.

Cycled back into the centre of town, sent off some mail (Canadian GST refund claim), then I wandered off to find a bakery for lunch. I found a bookshop selling expensive but detailed maps of Italy. I tried to find a bike shop too, but by this stage it was siesta time, and everything that wasn't already shut for some other reason was shut now. The English rock band Dire Straights suggested a solution to the malaise of a modern industrial society is to “abolish Monday morning and Friday afternoon”. The French have certainly taken this to heart. Most bikes shops are closed all Monday morning (in addition to three hours over lunch, all weekend, and a for a full month at the peak of the cycling season).

Lunch in the park again, amid the kids playing, flowers blooming, lawn gushing and dogs pooing. Finding a clear spot in the shade can be quite a challenge. More boring Camembert and baguettes again.

Another glorious sunny day in the south of France. We followed the bike route out of town. The southern exit route was not quite as good as the northern entry we followed. Lots of bumpy bits, intersections and the usual bike path obstacles, but it did guide us out of town in the correct direction, which with the eclectic street layout of the old French towns is no mean accomplishment.

So, on a perfectly fun summers day, we'd covered all of 15km by 3pm. So we decided to stop early.

Tomorrow we start to climb through the Alps, which is our excuse for enjoying such a lazy day today.

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