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Journal for 23-August-2004 : Paris

Feels much better to have had a good nights sleep.

Got on the Internet and managed to order some parts – from the UK. Not the all important replacement pannier rack destroyed by Air Canada though, as the vendors either didn't carry them, didn't have them in stock or took two weeks to deliver to France. The language barrier was just too great for us here in France. In France Bike Shops appear in the phone book in the same category as motor scooters, and often specialize in “velo de Netherlands”. In other words, one speed clunkers. So finding a *real* bike shop proved next to impossible.

Prepared my letter of complaint to Air Canada and faxed it off. I had to get the contact number from JF in Canada, the number provided by my friend at the Paris airport went nowhere.

Found the local supermarket, and it's opening hours. This is very important in France as there is a law here prohibiting anyone from working more than 35 hours in any one week. Shops often don't open till 10am, and are often closed during the middle of the day. As it turned out, we arrived during the stated opening hours, but it was still closed for repairs.

Tomorrow we head into the real Paris for a look around and hopefully to find the tourist office.

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