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Journal for 12-September-2004 : San Giuliano Milanese (Milan)

At the Italian Restaurant (Ristauranti) we ate dinner at last night, every woman in attendance bar one (I hope) was pregnant. This is clearly a catholic country.

Hotel in industrial zone not the best place for a day off. Spent the day watching BBC world and very old American sit-coms (anyone remember McHale's Navy?) dubbed into Italian. The talking head shows are usually presented by women, who are usually presenting more cleavage than TV show. And the ads for the soft porn men's magazines are more revealing (and definitely more animated) that the mags themselves!

Everyone staying at this hotel tonight seemed to be male. More a sign they are here for the Grand Prix rather than this being a gay bar.

For part of the day we sat in the bar of the hotel, listening to the poms complaining about how much the hotel was costing them. I checked the rack rates, and by comparison we had in fact found something of a bargain on the internet, we got our room for less than half price.

I should say something about the cars in Italy. They are mostly the small little things only found in Europe. Every car more than 3 years old bears the scars of at least one crash, but most of the cars here seem new. I think it's a sign of the rapid growth and development Italy has enjoyed (if that's really the right word) as the introduction of the Euro has lowered interest rates and imposed a previously lacking fiscal discipline on the Italian government. Linda thinks it's because all the older cars have been crashed.

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