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Journal for 21-September-2004 : Santenay

Cold drizzly morning. Summer has definitely gone, as has any pretense we are in the south of France.

Got completely lost in the Medieval part of Cluny.

Made it back to the bike path where the riding was fast and fun as we swooped across the country through village after village. The D69 (that road really sux) was a rude shock into Chalon-s-Saone.

Got to an internet Cafe to check our mail. 800 spams were waiting for us. The Internet has been rendered useless for us by a combination of:
1) Lack of access to phone line.
2) High cost of telephony
3) Our European ISP rejecting my credit card recharges because I don't have an American billing address.

At $40/hr, (50 minutes of which is just to collect the SPAM) updating this site can wait. If you want more regular updates: send me a cheque!

Got completely lost trying to leave Chalon. Managed to find the freeway, the French equivalent of Walmart, the roadworks, but not the bike path out of town.

More great fun riding on a bike path (once we found it), this time next to the Central Canal. At one point Linda exclaimed “look, there's another bike path coming in on our left!”. Yes, there was a 2.5m wide slice of bitumen with a broken white line painted down the middle crossing our path. However it was just an ordinary public road.

After yet another really fun day of cycling in France the decision to abandon Italy and Asia seemed an even better decision when I discovered why my pannier racks were wobbling about so much this afternoon. My bike's frame had cracked where the pannier rack connects to it! A combination of rust and metal fatigue, suggesting the rest of the frame hasn't much longer live. Repaired with zip ties, string and superglue – for now.

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