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New Zealand 2002

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Journal for 21-Feb-2002 : Cromwell
Date: 21/02/2002 (Location=Cromwell, Dist=67km, Total=812km)
Another beautiful sunny day in paridise. We had to dodge the other cycle tourists leaving Wanaka. Mostly downhill, and quite steeply in some places. The terrain here seems layered, with a series steep outer banks lining the rivers that drain the huge glacial lakes. This is the central Otago highlands, widely regarded as ugly wasteland by New Zealanders. It is true that this area is mearly very visually appealing rather than stunningly beautiful, as the mountains aren't quite as tall and pointy, and it'
s not *always* lush and green. I still think it's spectacularly beautiful.

A lazy rest break at the Lindus River.

Riding along the shores of Lake Dunstan was very pleasant. Passed by a convention of goggo mobiles. Stopped from lunch, and dinner at Cromwell.

Cromwell is an intersting town in that it has the flavour of government stamped over it's design. A model of the original town sits in the vistors centre, and while some of the quaint old buildings have been lovingly re-assemebled on higher ground, most of the original town centre lies at the bottom of Lake Bradbury courtesy of a Hydro Electricity dam. Cromwell is also booming, with lots of very nice very new housing completing the well planned and ordered streets, all with easy access to the beautifully
presented swimming, sporting, education, shopping, health ... facilities.

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