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New Zealand 2004

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Journal for 7-Feb-2004 : Waikawa

Gravel Rd out to Papatowai a shocker. Lots of work (ie laying down more gravel) has been done in preparation for sealing. The surface is really loose and at times too loose and/or sloped to maintain traction. We must have walked about a third of the gravel section.

After three hours we'd covered all of 20km. And when we reached the blacktop we realised we weren't going to be riding much faster. The SW hurricane meant grinding uphill at 6kph continued over the crest and into the descent.

Got a room at Waikawa, complete with pet cat ("Trapper", who required feeding) and views of the beautiful hills and periodic rain showers over tidal lake Waikawa. New Zealand sure can be ugly.

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