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New Zealand 2004

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Journal for 28-Feb-2004 : Westport

Yes, this is three days off in a row.

The first day involved recovering from the last riding day, which was rather tougher than we've been used to in NZ. I can't remember doing anything much other than sleeping and sampling the local hamburgers, which were sadly found wanting in all departments, other than the most important: size.

We justified the second day off by kidding ourselves we'd ride out and have a look at the seal colony at Cape Foulwind. We didn't make it past the supermarket, let alone the burger bar.

Today I didn't get past the TV remote, and I still feel really tired.

It hasn't been as cold as usual during this frigid NZ summer, thanks to the arrival of some Australian weather. After two fine days, a Queensland (ie weak) tropical cyclone swept across NZ, producing 100kph winds (headwinds of course) and heavy rain. Not worth getting out of bed for if you ask me.

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