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Journal for 5-Jul-2001 : Coonamble
Date: 05/07/2001 (Location=Coonamble, Dist=47km, Total=702km)
This was supposed to be our last rest day in NSW. We decided we'd try the 160km to Walgett if things were going well by Coonamble and have our rest day there. An hour into our ride we realised that wasn't going to happen. Although we averaged 20kph (for the first time on the trip), we were ploughing into not insignificant Northerly headwind, and our ETA at Walget was about 9:15pm.

Instead we decided to have a half rest day at Coonamble.

Now might be an appropriate time to mention: We've had headwinds every day?!!! :-(. When heading west, we've had westerlies. When heading east, we've had easterlies. Today was our first day really heading due north, and we had a northerly. So far the wind hasn't mattered too much, as we've had plenty of wind protection supplied by the hills, and the winds have been very light in any case. Now we're on the western plains we're much more atthe mercy of the elements (rather than the mercy of the ro
ad builders).

I set about fixing the busted spoke (I didn't bother yesterday afternoon, the balloon on the end of my right arm was hurting too much). I weasn't real impressed when I realised we'd packed the spare spokes for our 26" wheel Mountain Bikes, rather than our 27" (700C actually) wheels, and the spare spokes were an inch or two too short. Gee I'd have been happy if I'd found that yesterday. Coonamble's toy shop came to the rescue,where the local Alderman and bike enthusiast scrounged up a few appropriate spar

Some Wildlife Sightings:
Emus, Kangaroos, Wedgetail Eagle, Black Kytes, heaps of Cocatoos & Galahs (with and without feathers), finches, heaps of water birds a long way from water, hovering hawks and some ferrals: foxes, goats & horses.

David F

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