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Sydney to Darwin 2001

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Journal for 6-Jun-2001 : Sydney
Date: 10/08/2001 (Location=Sydney, Dist=3km, Total=4604km)

I got some sleep on the 4 hr flight home. Even Linda managed to catch a few Zs after trying not to watch the in-flight movie.

With virtualy no sleep I managed to re-assemble both bikes in just over an hour. I don't know the people in charge of the Limousine hire company were terribly impressed that I chose to do this right next to their booth.

The final frustation came when I discovered that the airline [which shall remain nameless because: a) it probably wasn't their fault - b) I have shares in them] baggage handlers had managed to do what 4500km of cycling couldn't: severly buckle Linda's bike's brand new front rim. I sort of fixed it (it's now straight latteraly - but has an egg shape that makes riding is like hitting a pot hole every 1.5 metres).

Got the train to Hurstville where the platform has a convenient bike elevator. You try lugging a fully loaded touring bike up a flight of stairs!. Quite funny watching the prospective paggengers see how much the fare is at the airport station, then go back upstairs to get a cab.

Sorry this journal entry has taken so long to post. Every time I started it I got half a sentence done then fell asleep !!

It's a loverly sunny late winters day in Sydney, but unlike the other Sydneysiders wearing shorts and T shirts, we've got our longs and jumpers on - even when cycling. The trip is over :-(, and I guess we'll just have to get used to it.

David F

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