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Journal for 19-Jul-2001 : Kynuna
Date: 19/07/2001 (Location=Kynuna, Dist=165km, Total=2316km)
Good early start, with good tailwind to start the day, and a great tailwind after an hour or so.

Breakaway ridge pretty sensational around "Bernels" station, but other than htat the scenery the most uninspiring of he trip so far.

Good road speed for the first 90km, and we stopped in the only shade between Winton and Kynuna with average sitting on 26.5km/hr.

Rode for nearly 50km looking for some shade for lunch, the last 25 just looking for a place to get off the road. The road verges here are just large tufts of grass with spikey, thorny shrubs interspersed. This is the most exciting vegetation and anything even vaguely resembling a tree has long since been removed.

Sun very hot & strong today, with no respite. Pretty badly burned through the sunscreen.

Lots of very hot and bothered sheep sitting in the depressions that in other times might be a pond of water.

Lost yearling brahman cow wandering all over the road, stuck on the wrong side of the fence without water (or clue what to do).

Last 10k to Kynuna on a different heading, into the wind now blowing more from the south than the east.

Kynuna (pop 20) is not the biggest town in the world. We met the town doctor (who comes here and runs a 3 hr clinic out of a motel room once a month. Motel is a crudely converted sheerer's shed behind the pub.

We sat on the verandah of the roadhouse (one of the town's 3 buildings) eating ice cream and watching the dour faced McAfferty's coach passengers slowly file back into their bus. What a way to travel!

David F

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