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Journal for 27-Jul-2001 : Threeways RH
Date: 27/07/2001 (Location=Threeways RH, Dist=188km, Total=3270km)
More howling southerlies all night. We slept well regardless.

Early start, and got back riding along a road with no bends for 55km. Scenery very bland and monotonous, but at least its green. In fact there were two types of vegetation today, the stuff that was burnwed and the stuff that wasnt.

Cattle Grids: Everyone who has travelled the outabck of Australia encounters these series of rails across a trough in the road that usually mark most property boundaries where the proprietors have not built fences sperating their cows from the highway traffic. The cows might be allowed to wander on the road and be hit by a truck, but they sure arnt allowed to wander onto a neighbours property!! The idea is the stock won't tread where they might get a hoof stuck. Motorists and cyclists (we to walk our bi
kes over these rather than risking a fall - or worse a set of matching punctures) get ample warning of these impending obstacles with road signs and reflective barriers. Around Barkley Homestead the familar warning signs and reflective barriers exist, which seems to be enough for the cows as rails have not been embded in the road, they've just been painted on it.

We both got caught with our pants down while taking a pee near the Telstra microwave tower.

Great tailwinds pretty much all day. We made excellent time to Threeways. The last 15kmwere a ripper !!

Passed some grass cutters, and a very bored looking dog at their base truck.

Threeways boasts "friendly" service (it has to, as Tennant Creek is just 25km away), and by some mirical the spare inner tubes I ordered from Alice were sucessfully delivered by the Bus network. Of course the roadhouse people couldn't find it right away, they made sure we were staying first :-). Exactly as it was two years ago, the Telstra pay phone was labeled "out of order", and grafitied advising callers to use the Gold Phone in the Roadhouse (where the RH gets to keep the coins :-)).

Camped next to the Grasscutters truck at the back of the RH. The poor dog was still very bored.

David F

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