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Journal for 29-Jul-2001 : Elliott
Date: 29/07/2001 (Location=Elliott, Dist=93km, Total=3500km)
We camped next to a tourgroup in the Whitehead Tours bus from Corryong on the NSW/Vic border. No pimply youths this time, more like Whitehaired tours.

Woken early AM (4ish) by the Whiteheads next door starting to unpack their camp. We slept (sort of) for another two hours, ate breakfast, packed up and left. More than an hour later the bus finaly caught and passed on their way to Darwin.

Hundreds of Kytes circling around the waterhole formed by the Renner Springs springs at dawn.

Really easy first 8K with more healthy tailwinds followed by lots of slow steady rises that exceeded the gentle fall.

It takes a lot of effort to lift the carcass of a Wedgetail Eagle into the air, so they are very reluctant to leave a feed unecessarily. On one rare descent through a small cutting I slipped by a piece of road kill, triggering its feathered owner to try an escape just as I passed. For five glorious seconds I had a fully grown Wedgetail Eagle flying at shoulder height right next to me in the adjacent lane. For another equally magical five seconds this magnificent bird was flying ahead of me down the road
no more than 2 metres off the ground and less than 5 metres from my front wheel. (Fortuantely he had already dropped his ballast before this manouver).

Also saw an escaped Kyte with jesses hanging from its foot, that after some thought decided against landing on my arm.

It seemed like there were hundreds of Road Trains today. I've no idea why, but I guess the twice weekly train to Alice Springs arrived yesterday morning.

Early finish to the days riding at Elliott, allowing some R&R by the pool, clothes washing and food resupply (since weve eaten most of our food rather faster than we thought we would). Well that was the theory. Apples: $2. Bread $3.50/frozen loaf, sweet biscuits $3.80 (small packet of course), huge bag of carrots: $2.70. Whats up doc?

Peacocks & Peahens all over the roadhouse and camp ground.

Linda and I got to do things weve been each wanting to do for ages. I had a swim and Linda did the washing.

David F

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