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Journal for 26-Jun-2001 : Lithgow
Date: 26/06/2001 (Location=Lithgow, Dist=43km, Total=152km)
Lots of trafic and hairy riding on the Great Western Highway after Katoomba. Nice lookout at Medlow Bath with great views over the Megalong valley. The designers of the "Hydro Magestic" have gone to great lengths to ensure this vista can only be seen by their patrons.
Linda almost run off the road near Mt Victoria.
We started with clean bike kicks today, they wern't clean at the prospect of the 2.5 km 1 in 8 descent at Victoria Pass. We waited for a truck (Must use low gear, 40kph) and followed it down. It was refreshingly nice to turn onto Brown's Gap Road to take the short cut to Lithgow, riding on a quiet road through farm scenery .
Short cuts take the longest time (supposedly). This short cut climbed pretty much back onto the main range *very* steeply. It seemed like 3k of 1 in 10 or steeper (it could be we're just not fit enough yet) and gave us our first opportunity to use the granny gear. I was quite please with our performance climbing this hill - we only needed to stop once. Some curious horses thought we were obviously going so slow because we intended to stop and feed them. Lithgow (all of 43km) far enough for today. Sat
outside in he sun for most of the afternoon, feeling as lazy as I looked..

David F

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