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Journal for 11-Jun-03 : Bulahdelah

Another lovely day. Lots of flat easy riding, with some serious hills towards the end. Used my favourite shortcut (Stockton Ferry) but didn't get the nice views I'd hoped for due to soupy fog. Buckets way very pretty, but the surface befits it's name. The Booral Rd also very pretty, mostly lined with old growth forest. Managed to crash test the new camera. The road from Booral to Bulahdelah had a white line down the middle when we rode it last ten years ago. The white line has since been replaced by a selection of potholes, with the rest of the road not much different. On a descent I managed to hit one of these bumps and launched my rear pannier into near orbital trajectory before it smashed onto the bitumen. Camera still OK though.

Also saw wallabies grazing by the roads late in the day, and nice variety of bidlife.

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