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Journal for 11-Nov-2003 : Meningie

Caught ferry across the Murray River, then started on an undulating road to Murray Bridge.

Crazy fox tried to run under a car. A few rabbits by the roads as well. Driving not much better than yesterday either.

Murray Bridge RAA lady gave us her only map of western Victoria. Thanks!

Fun riding through irrigated dairy country. Lots of cows (not so worried by people, as we're less likely to eat them).

Passed another cycle tourist as we crossed the Murray at Wellington. He was getting on the ferry as we were getting off.

In spite of my warnings, I could not convince Linda that riding on this afternoon might not be such a good idea. Strong SE winds were forecast for this afternoon, and there is usually a strong local south wind generated by the great freshwater lakes at the end of the Murray. The 40ks into Meningie took more than three *&^%ing hours.

Attacked by magpies and wattle birds entering town.

In the Caravan Park a left hand drive huge monster truck driving around the world pulled in.

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