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Journal for 22-Nov-2003 : Warrnambool

I received an e-mail complaining that these journals were getting a touch terse. There is a simple explanation for this. As you are no doubt well aware by now, I only have five jokes, and I am running out ways to re-write them.

Today was a balmy +13C here on the antarctic coast, so naturally we stripped down to our cossies, jogged down to the bay and went for a refreshing swim. Actually I was wearing everything I own except my helmet, and we didn't make it past the supermarket.

We did one other thing: got some maps from the RACV. Detailed maps are rather important in Victoria as there are lots of bitumen minor roads (they have to seal roads here because they wash away with all the rain otherwise). But . . . some clown at the RACV decided people would like to cart around half a telephone book worth of advertising and promo material on their maps. Indeed there is so much useless blurb included they needed to reduce the size and detail on the actual map. A note to the RACV: YOUR NEW MAPS SUCK!

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