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Journal for 16-Jun-2003 : South West Rocks

A very cold night meant we didn't get out of bed till late. Finally got on the road after 9. Detoured off the highway via Wauchope. Very pretty through the Broken Bago State Forrest, but lots of hills. I wish I knew what a Bago is and how you break one.

More hills and nice rural scenery before rejoining the highway at Telegraph Point. Highway not too bad, but not great through Sth Kempsey. At last some flat road to South West Rocks, but the tailwind had died by the time we could make use of it.

Great reflections in the Macleay River only disturbed by the Pelicans landing. Reached SW Rocks right on dusk, and caravan park quite a bit after that.

Had to walk 2k from Van Park to Country Club for dinner. Fantastic moonrise. All you can eat Buffet dinner hit the spot.

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