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Journal for 13-Jan-2004 : Sydney (Lane Cove)

For some reason I always find Sydney weather unbearably sultry after a long bike trip through Australia. It's not that it's hot, just humid. I had more water drip off me today than I drank, which was quite a lot.

Early part if the day cycling up the coast from Thirroul was wonderful, until we reached the point where the road has been closed. I was wondering how they were going to stop cyclists using the road anyway, and I got my answer.

We rode around the boom gates and signs explaining the road was closed.
We dodged the concrete barriers.
We were stopped by a fence with a giant sign: NO PEDESTRIAN ACCESS: NO CYCLISTS ACCESS.
The fence extended up the cliff and over the escarpment.
The fence was topped with barbed wire.
As I reached for my wire cutters, I noticed the 24 hour security guard stationed to guard the fence against unauthorised use of a public road.

I suppose I could have tried to bribe the guy, but even though I'm a cycling purist, I am also extremely cheap, and decided catching the train around the offending stretch of road would cost less. It was most disappointing, because as fun as this coast riding is, it is the *very * best bit which is off limits.

More great riding through the RNP. This is a fantastic route.

Riding through the suburbs was rather easier than I remember, but we rather wussed out of cycling on Epping Rd for the last km or so.

Arrived at Micheal's place (Linda's brother - gee it's great Linda has so many relatives) just on dusk to be greeted by their various official and unofficial pets.

So, we are back in Sydney, pretty much at the same place we left from. (Not exactly the same spot as my mum has moved out of town - on news of our impending return no doubt). Just one riding day to go (over to the airport) before we're off to New Zealand.

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