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Journal for 19-Jan-2004 : Sydney (Airport)

Caught the train up to Hurstville to some last minute shopping. Blundered around for a while then snuck back to our camp site. That camouflaged tent fly came in handy today.

By late afternoon we decided to try a dry run packing our bikes. This was just as well, because after an hour of trying, it no longer seemed possible to remove my right pedal. Even using my favourite technique of using the seat post as a spanner extender didn't work. The pedals were cheap, nasty and pretty well worn out anyway (and now the spanner grip was well rounded off), so a very hurried ride up to Bates Bikes (made it just before they closed up for the day) to get the help I needed. The duty mechanic said "gee, whoever put this on was pretty strong" quite incorrectly. In the end he was standing on his extra long spanner, while I stood on the opposite pedal to crack this nut. And when it finally loosened, the poor guy cut his hand open on my chain rings. To cap off a great week, he'd just been on TV: as the cyclist who caused a bunch pile.

This is our last full day in Australia for a while. To follow the rest of the trip, check out the New Zealand section of this site.

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