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Journal for 20-Jun-2003 : Grafton

Riding out of Coffs the road lined with Banana plantations. Saw first other Cycle tourist, riding into Coffs as we road out. Only got to exchange waves. Red Hill quite a stiff climb, but not all that long. At the top my whole body was steaming like a bushfire. Once over the summit the undulations on the Orara Way began.

A guy (sorry mate, I didn't get your name) who stopped to offer us free bananas. It turned out he'd cycled all central Australia and Queensland. He was greatly unimpressed by our current rate of progress. But those bananas really hit the stop. Thanks!!!

Another nice day, with nice weather. Break at Glenreagh, where I nearly fell asleep. More undulations after lunch (and I bonked out within 10ks of the break) but bugger all traffic and really attractive rural scenery. Even saw our first sheep. Had fun re-naming "Idle Acres" to "Muscle Acres", "Back Acres" or "Head Acres" etc. Orara River a very modest looking little creek, but the flood indicators go up to 15m.

Another stop at tennis centre at Braunstone for Lunch. Kangaroos loose in the top paddock as we approached town. Bridge over Clarence River a bit of a shocker. A rusty box girder job for the trains, and a road balanced precariously on top. Separate bike/pedestrian path that looked, (and worse felt) like made of cardboard. Still that bridge has been on this earth longer than I have. Very nice dinner "Tree Tops" pub restaurant.

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