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Journal for 23-Jun-2003 : Mermaid Beach (Gold Coast)

My eyes told me it was a beautiful bright sunny day as we rode out of Lismore at 7:45am. My fingers told me it was freezing bloody cold.

The ride to Nimbin was very pretty and very enjoyable.

Nimbin is a strange little town. For those who don't know it's the dope-smoking hippy dropout centre of Australia, where commune living is the go. Linda was nervous about the place, probably as a result of the series of high-speed police responses as we approached town. Not sure what that was all about. Anyway, I think Nimbin's rainbow painted building's decorated with leftist graffiti don't describe the town as well as the appearance of it's occupants. There were people walking, sitting, and generally just hanging around every inch of public space in town. There may not have been a formal town dress code but everyone was in uniform. I guarantee that whatever you are wearing now into Nimbin will make you feel more over-dressed than a garbo collecting the rubbish in Tux. And as for the all the nicotine free smoking, lets just say that fresh air in Nimbin is at a premium. The designer European imported vehicle of choice that really shows you've arrived is he VW Kombi van. You can also be certain no-one will ever become wealthy in Nimbin by cutting people's hair.

Road north of Nimbin a bit narrow and hilly, but very scenic, especially as we crossed the saddle into the Tweed river valley. Fantastic views of Mt Warning and the border ranges.

Lunch at Uki (pronounced You-Kye, not yucky). More nice riding to Murwullimbah, and then fast riding along the tidal section of the Tweed river of the old highway.

Got lost at Tweed heads, and crossed the river on the footpath after missing the turn back onto the highway. Another 30kms riding by the beaches and holiday strip of the Gold Coast, trying to find a holiday flat (I can't believe how hard it was). Eventually it got dark and we had to try to phone. Got a bit of a runaround and eventually crashed at a motel.

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