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Journal for 26-Jun-2003 : Brisbane

Rained all night. Patches of light misty rain as we sped through the Southport traffic. After a few weeks of cycling I'm just starting to feel like I'm getting that extra burst of power on the bike. Either that or we had a tailwind.

Over the last five or six years highway 1 from the Gold Coast to Brisbane has been completely rebuilt to motorway standards. It has a silky smooth surface, low gradients, eight lanes, excellent breakdown lanes ideal for fast safe cycling, and a sign prohibiting tractors, dog walkers, horses, Volvos and cyclists.

Detoured from old highway via "Bailey's Mountain Rd", which is the steepest hill we've done so far. Cycling through this Gold Coast hinterland we past hundreds of properties that are every little girl's dream. Each house really does have space for a pony. Closer to Brisbane the properties became smaller, but the houses bigger, almost as big as the dogs guarding them. Seeing a rotty bounding down a driveway after me makes me really appreciate that extra burst of power and spare set of bike knicks.

Got seriously lost at Benleigh trying to find a public toilet, and then the way across the river.

Side roads most of the way into Brisbane pretty good, but quite a few very steep jump-up hills. Things got harder when we tried to find the bike tracks. Lots more short hills and lots of getting lost, especially around Griffith University. A lot easier when we (finally) got closer to the city centre.

We were chased by a really foul looking storm. We later learned this is relatively rare "weather bomb", a rapidly intensifying low pressure cell (not called a cyclone at these latitudes). This produced flooding in northern NSW and 100kph winds on the Gold Coast just hours after we left.

Arrive at motel late and tired, and get to enjoy frozen meal for dinner.

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