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Journal for 28-Jun-2003 : Caboolture

Another beautiful morning in Brisbane, and we left a touch late and probably with a bit too little sleep (based on the number of utterances of the F word I managed). Delicious garlic cornflakes for breakfast.

The city was dead quiet, but still very hard to navigate due to one-way streets and closures due to road works. Armed with a 1988 Brisbane street directory and the Queensland bikeways maps (downloaded from the net), we picked our way through inner Brisbane's back streets. The first 15ks took 2 hours, as crucial bits of the bike path didn't exist, or had been removed, or closed for busway construction, or led us around in circles and through the Saturday morning markets and a junior hockey tournament. Only 15 super steep little jump-up hills before we got onto Sandgate Rd and could do some riding.

Another hour lost as we reached the "Gateway Arterial" (No Animals, Pedestrians, Tractors, Bicycles or Hats) and had to walk across another park while slapping the mozzies.

Gympie Rd flood-plane a bit of a shocker, and some sections pretty narrow. We copped a few angry toots before we could get off this road. Took a break at 2:00pm, and realised we'd only ridden for 2:20min, the rest of the time walking across parks and scratching heads while looking at maps.

More f'ing expletives as we reached a sign explaining our road of choice was closed for re-construction. The resulting detour was really nice, past interesting small acreages occupied by some really nice houses.

Very nice to reach Caboolture caravan park (people here very friendly), and appreciate not planning anything more ambitious!

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