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Journal for 1-Jul-2003 : Noosa Heads

Early start today as dirtied our nicks cycling down off Budrim Mountain. Lots of fast riding with good smooth roads. The main bridge over the Maroochydore River is off limits to bikes, so we had to detour via the Bli Bli Bridge, which has a cane train line running down the road carriageway.

Early arrival at Noosa meant we could do some walking in the excellent Noosa Heads National park. A really nice stretch of near weedless bush that includes a great surf beach at Alexandria Bay. For some reasons Queenslanders seem to think the bushwalking experience in greatly enhanced by bitumen and their National Parks are caked with the stuff. The minor distractions of our cleats clicking along the bitument was not enough to prevent us spotting (or at least asking the crowd what they were looking at) our first Koala in the wild.

The beach at Alexandria Bay is a designated nudist beach. It is not signposted as such, in fact it the signs ask everyone to report "suspicious or indecent activity to the local police ASAP". The local council has also proposed an exciting new initiative for nude beaches: surveillance cameras. Purely for the bather's protection of course, presumably by keeping potential pervs away from the beach by allowing them to watch on the net.

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