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Journal for 6-Jul-2003 : Mirium Vale

More great tail winds as we sped across flat sugar cane country north of Bundaburg. I stupidly suggested "there won't be too many hills today" because I couldn't see any mountains ahead. Fifteen minutes later, the undulations started.

We met Fritz and Ellen from Holland who have sold their IT business and now cycle their seriously loaded mountain bikes around the world.

A bit later we met Jenny, a very experienced cyclist but doing her first solo tour. Jenny is from Maryborough, proof that there are some locals who ride bikes. She also declared the Hervey Bay Rd the worst in Australia, and only suitable for cycling between 5am and 6am.

Saw our first Wedgetail eagle, feeding on a delicious lunch of sun roasted wallaby some motorist had kindly prepared for him.

2km of dirt road knocked 1kph off our daily average. Lots of very nice scenery, with the mountains for the most part being where they should be, as backdrop.

Given the lack of humour in the past few entries I thought I might address this problem by describing my sun-tan. My legs whiter than a Norwegian virgin, having seen no sun at all under my leg warmers. I got a chance to fix that today. At the end of a day's cycling the removal of my helmet reveals I am probably not completely human. I have three brown stripes running down my (increasing) forehead where the sun shines through the ventilation slits of my visor, and a decent does of helmet hair makes me look like a Star Trek character.

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