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Journal for 3-June-03 : Home
Lost a good chunk of today when I completely flipped out in panic when I pulled out Linda's favourite woollen jumper from the laundry pile I'd just washed and dried. The clear and reinforced instructions I'd been left included the phrase "whatever you do, don't wash my woollens!" took on a terrifying form as pulled out something my eight year old niece might find just a fraction too small. A similar, but not identical replacement item was procured. Thankfully for me, Linda had a great day hearing all her work colleagues saying nice things about her on her last day after 15 years of loyal service. Here's loyalty for you, Linda was back at work till 8:00pm finalising the filing for her replacement.
After dinner at 9:30pm, I suggested we needed to decide what goes to storage and stays. "We'll do it later". The removalists will be here in 8 hours, there is no later!!! We quickly knocked everything into boxes by 4am. Zzzzzz ....

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