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Journal for 26-Jul-2003 : Atherton

We started the day with the big climb over the Rex Range. After an hour we'd climbed the 8km burg, in the process drenching our bike clothes. The rainforest that lined these roads was very impressive, as were the views at the second lookout. At the first lookout all that could be seen were (badly) parked caravans.

Headwinds after our break at Mt Molloy, and all the way to Mareeba, altitude 400m. The 35k road to Atherton looked to nice and straight, and nice and flat. It was *not* flat! In fact it climbed steadily the whole way, and even on the odd truly flat patch the headwind meant if we stopped peddling, we stopped. Linda was completely wasted by Tolga, but we had to press on as this is Queensland, and as a result we needed to get to the last supermarket this side of the Great Dividing Range before it shuts down for the weekend. I had 15 minutes to race around the Woolies trying to find 5 days worth of food.

The scenery was pretty good again today. This is the Atherton Tablelands, and where ever you look, there are mountains draped in clouds. This region's agriculture seems centred on producing things to stop people working: tobacco, coffee and sugar.

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