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Journal for 29-Jul-2003 : Undara Lava Tubes

A lot of dew about this morning, but otherwise a bright sunny day. It took a while to dry everything out. We haven't seen too much of the sun over the past week or two, but on this side of the ranges it's clear blue skies and lots of burning tropical sunshine. We took one last look at the steaming hot springs before heading west.

Lots of undulations in the road. From Mt Garnet the undulations continued, but the road reduced to just one lane wide. As we past the "road narrows" sign, another sign warned us that this road also carries 3 trailer road trains. 300m after passing this sign we had to hit the dirt to make way for one of these monsters. Getting off the road for a road train is not normally an issue for us, but it's a real bummer when you end up in a patch of thorns as we did today.

The riding was quite hard, probably because we'd been climbing along the spine of the Great Dividing Range across the grain of the upper reaches of the Herbert River (flows east to Innisfail). Finally the turnoff to Normanton had us rolling down a very gentle grade. Not a lot of wild life, just the odd stray cow. All this was ruined by the Lava Tubes turnoff. The last 7km of dirt road took us ages

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