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Journal for 1-Aug-2003 : Croydon

Almost managed an early start today.

First 70ks covered before our first break. Lots of fast riding along mostly single track bitumen. Really fast because of a nice solid tail wind, and probably a bit downhill too. It would have been faster if we wern't run off the road so many times.

Disturbed some more bustards by the road. The scenery was very nice again, lots of eucalypt trees and mini termite mounds. Passed a green mile post "C 100". 2ks later we passed a black sign "C 100".

After the Gilbert River crossing the road has been rebuilt all the way to Croydon, and with two whole lanes of bitumen! Also the tailwind died off too, so the riding was a touch harder.

Cycling across the "Little River" bridge I was admiring the water lilies and wondering what else might live in the waterhole under the bridge. This thought prompted the log sunning itself on an island in the stream to open its' jaw and paddle off into the water. I think it was a freshwater crocodile, but it could have been a small salty.

Very hot and sunny today. We took a long time over lunch, before knocking off the last 50ks to the ex-gold mining town of Croydon, which bears no similarity to its' UK namesake. Discovered we are planning to arrive at Mt Isa at the same time as the annual three day Mt Isa Rodeo, and *everything * is booked out. Some re-planning is required, after I've had some sleep and can think clearly.

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