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Journal for 10-Aug-2003 : Cloncurry

A stiff gusty NE breeze sprung up at 3am.

Early 8am start. Nice riding through scenic country. Started the day with a modest descent which is always good. The Dugald River looked to have nice camping. But definitely no water, just sand.

Road getting quite up and down, with pretty ordinary visibility. Very hard to know about the road trains until they are right on top of you. At most of the crests and blind corners there are truck skid marks that show where 78 wheels are locked and skidded to the side of the road. Some of these snake all over the place, tracing out a path collecting everything and anything.

A spot near Quamby is particularly bad, with sharpish bends requiring extraordinary refractive eyesight to see around the corners for the oncomming road trains. The road builders recognised how dangerous this spot is: by putting up an 80kph speed limit.

I wasn't expecting much of Qamby, but there was even less. "The Big Foster's Beer Can" is here (painted on one of the water tanks) and an old Pub that looks like it hasn't been maintained at all since they built the road in the late 1960s.

Fast tailwind riding had us in Cloncurry at 11:30. I was expecting this to be a hard day. It was still pretty hot, but we had pies (all the bakery had on a Sunday) for lunch anyway. For a few hours we sat under a tree in the park by the town swimming pool, closed "temporarily" (at least last two years) due to unforseen circumstances apparently.

Linda very unhappy to learn we left a few personal items at our last camp site. Our toothbrushes and her hair brush.

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