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Journal for 15-Aug-2003 : Mt Isa (Still!)

Forecast for today: Showers clearing, possible thunder, gusty S to SE winds and 15C. This prediction from the BOM (Bureau of Meteorology) was only identifiable as being for Mt Isa rather than Tasmania by the addition of "and a high fire danger". As usual, the BOM tend to understate things. It bucketed down all morning!

We were woken early, not by the alarm clock (which *was* on) but by the bucketing rain on the roof. This is definitely *not* what I expected of Northern Australia. Where else but Queensland? Scorching one day, cold and wet the next. I know we were looking for an excuse to be slackers and have another day in a lounge chair rather than a bike saddle, but I haven't had to exaggerate one bit to make our decision to watch the rain from inside rather than outside seem sensible.

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