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Journal for 17-Aug-2003 : Camooweel+132

Very cold morning, so we got a late start, even later after spending an hour and a half using the salubrious facilities (pie heater) of the roadhouse at Camooweel.

The new all weather bridge over the Georgina River and new wide road to the Northern Territory extremely has an rough surface. Down to 15kph and needing both hands on the bars to avoid shaking all over the road. No single track here, just pot holes.

Another clear sunny day, with a brisk cool southerly blowing. These are the Mitchell grass planes, with no trees and even less scenery, just dead grass as far as the eye can see, and in this country that's a bloody long way!

Took the obligatory photo at the NT border, but the rain of a couple of days ago made the ground all muddy. I got a mixture of mud and road base in my cleats that dried to cement my feet into the pedals, so the next time I stopped and tried to put my foot down ...

With the unbroken cross wind it was continuos peddling all day. Even though it was not that hot, we used lots of water, probably because we did most of the riding in the afternoon. The hardest days riding so far.

We pulled off the road to allow a roadtrain to pass us (very few of these today) approaching a blind corner. We waited a minute as we thought we could hear another coming up behind us. Instead as small aeroplane flying less than 15m above the deck and tracking a course directly over the road buzzed past.

We just made it to the trees (low shrubs really) past Soudan homestead (visitors definitely not welcome there) to camp on dusk. Cold night, and the camp fire a necessity.

Barkley Roadhouse as expensive as ever, and refused to sell us bread. They did cook a surprisingly nice hamburger, even if it did cost $9.

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