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Journal for 19-Aug-2003 : Three Ways Roadhouse (Tennant Creek)

Barkley RH refused to sell us bread, again.

Great tail winds today, knocking off the 55km of straight road from the roadhouse in less than 2 hours, and 90km in under three hours.

During lunch at the first rest area we were surrounded by a huge flock of galahs, periodically exploding out their tree and formation flying around randomly about.

At one point we saw a parked caravan and a couple wandering up the road repacking a large plastic box with their belongings strewn everywhere.

Not much change in the road today. Lots of nice shrubby vegetation, but it didn't change much. Everywhere there is a lots of the introduced pest Madagascan Rubber Vine. Rubber Vine drops it's leaves when it doesn't have enough water, so it spends much of the year looking totally dead. The indigenous plants remain nice and green no matter how little rain they get.

There are very few bends in the road either. There is a slight hummock at one point, where you can look 20km to the east, and 20km to the west, and both views look exactly the same.

We were both very tired with 20km to go to the roadhouse. Country near Tennant Ck also very pretty, with a few breakaway cliffs and low hills the road gives good views of.

Rewarded for our efforts by a swim in the roadhouse pool, next to an encouraging sign: Under New Management.

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