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Journal for 26-Aug-2003 : Katherine

Spares arrived today. Hooray. Now all I need to do is install some new chains and clusters. A bit of cloud cover today. Even though the mercury shows it's the same 34C, it seems nowhere near as hot walking about outside.

I don't know what it is about Katherine but it seems to bring out the worst in people. It certainly brings out the worst in me. The second bike took about 10 minutes. The first took me nearly five hours.

I completely stuffed up removing my cluster (I *still* need the instructions, which I left at home) and tightened it instead. So I took it to the local bike shop. A half hearted effort and a shrug of the shoulders was all I got, then I was left to bugger off and stop wasting their time. I eventually worked out what I should have done for myself, and did it right the seventh time.

Maybe it's me, not getting enough sleep due to the hot weather (and cable TV), and I'm rubbing people up the wrong way, but I get the impression I'm not showing sufficient gratitude for Katherine's shop staff inability to sell me what I need. Asking for a receipt draws the sort of reaction one might expect if asking for a lock of pubic hair. In any case, in spite of the high prices here we didn't manage to spend all that much money, because no-one had any of the things we needed.

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