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Journal for 31-Aug-2003 : Kununurra

Kununurra is very expensive. Now that I've got that off my chest ...

Early start, which was just as well because it was fiercely hot today, and there quite a few hills to contend with.

More nice scenery through the keep river (and "Keep Out River Station").

Crossed into Western Australia (WA) without much hassle from the fruit and veg Nazi at the border. Road patches very rough (like being back in Queensland) and span the whole road so they can't be circumvented. Bummer.

Snack break in minimal shade by the road. All our fresh food has gone (down our throats thankfully) and the dried stuff has melted into gooey lump.

We are now in the Kimberly, and the scenery continues to be outstanding. In fact, the great scenery is in *all* directions.

Swim in the Caravan Park pool greatly appreciated!

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